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Food stabilizers

Soyuzsnab  group of companies presents a range of complex food additives which are the multifunctional systems by the leading international manufac-turers and are the own products under the brand name Geleon to produce all types of dairy. Multifunctional systems Geleon by production association "Green Line" were specifically designed to fit the customer’s requirements with an account to the processing problems that ofen occur with domestic produc-ers allowing them to gain the well-deserved popularity in a short period of time. According to their application "Geleon" systems perform complex tasks in the production of the finished product:

  • provide the needed consistency;
  • can solve the problem of low quality raw milk; stabilize the quality of the finished product;
  • prevent protein coagulation during the heat treatment;
  • give the creamy consistency to the product without increasing its fat content;
  • increase the strength properties of milk-protein gels and product viscosi-ty without increasing the content of dry solids; reduce the products` manufacturing cost without loss in quality;
  • allow to obtain nutritious and biologically valuable product.

The innovation and technology center of Zelenye Linii are constantly working to create new stabilizing systems "Geleon" specifically in accord to customer’s requirements and with an account to specific technological problems of do-mestic producers . Permanent addition of new products to the range is up to the market and the availability of innovative properties that distinguish this product from competitor counterparts.

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