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Pectin is a natural gel-forming substance primarily extracted from apple pomace and citrus peels. Pectin is classified as soluble dietary fiber and very beneficial to human health. SOYUZSNAB offers 2 types of pectin used in the production of marmalade, fruit jelly, marshmallow, zephyr and other confectionery products:

  • High-methoxyl pectin
  • High-methoxyl pectin with buffer salts

In 2005, SOYUZSNAB was the first on the market to offer a completely new type of pectin able to jellify without the addition of acid. The use of high-ester pectin with buffer salts simplifies the manufacturing process as it already contains a well-balanced buffer system, so there is no need to introduce a buffer separately. Add the optimum amount of acid and you get strong and clear gel.

The high-ester pectin is a choice of large-scale enterprises since they prefer to control the technological parameters during the production process. Please contact our experts to learn more about types and technology of pectin.

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