SOYUZSNAB, Group of Companies

FOOD INGREDIENTS: Research • Development • Manufacturing • Supply

Confectionery Coatings

Zelenye Linii Industries has been a manufacturer of the chocolate semi-finished products branded “Clas-sics” since 1999. So far over 100 glazing and fat fill-ings recipes have been developed and implemented that enables us selecting products by approaching every customer individually. The analytical centre equipped at a state-of-the-art level unfolds huge op-portunities for creating the new innovative products in this area. Production of glazes is thoroughly supervised for quality and technology complacency issues. The raw materials as well as the end products are continuously tested for quality and safety by the laboratory certified in the system of government standard of Russia (GOSSTANDART RF). The stricter quality control guidelines, HACCP and ISO 9001 systems provide for the long shelf life of glazes that comprises 1.5 years. All types of glazes are accompanied with regulatory pa-perwork enabling their use all around Russia and CIS.

The highest quality ingredients are used in glazes produc-tion:

  • Cocoa-products made from the best varieties of cocoa beans are subject to an obligatory control excluding counterfeit;
  • Cocoa butter equivalents with properties approximated at maximum scale to those of the best cocoa-butter va-rieties;
  • Cocoa-butter replacers of non-lauric type allow produc-ing the glaze without waxy mouthfeel;
  • Cocoa-butter substitutes with maximum resistance to oxidation.

Gossanepidnadzor (Food safety regulator) of Russia have ap-proved and introduced the alterations to the TU (product standard specification) and confirmed the shelf life of all “Classics” series glazes. GC SOYUZSNAB in its product range has a wide representation of various types of glazes and fat filling of “Classics” series for bakery and bread-producing industries.

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