SOYUZSNAB, Group of Companies

FOOD INGREDIENTS: Research • Development • Manufacturing • Supply

Fruit&Berry Fillings

A variety of fruit&berry fillings enables manufacturers of bakery, pastry and confectionery to diversify their product range. There are three groups of fillings: heat stable, with limited heat stability and heat unstable. "SOYUZSNAB" GC offers a wide range of fillings of own manufacture ("Zelenye Linii" production department). It is a jellied product based on fruit and berry puree, pectin (Unipectin™), flavors ( Deal'Ar™), edible acids and other ingredients.

Own raw materials and manufacturing facilities certified under the inter-national standards are a guarantee of high quality. "SOYUZSNAB" GC marketing concept is based on offering the Customer comprehensive customer support, which includes recipes, recommenda-tions on technology, on-site consultations, trainings and trial productions. We see our goal as continuous diversification of the product range . "SOYUZSNAB" GC technologists are ready to develop customized recipes, taking into account our Clients' requirements to the flavor and texture of the product.

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