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Food coloring

To maintain or improve the appearance of individual confectionery products and of some semi-finished products we use the colors that are natural, derived from vegetable or animal natural sources, and synthetic, which are the products of organic synthesis. SOYUZSNAB as a leader in the field of food additives in the Russian market offers a wide range of colors, both natural and synthetic, including liquid colors of Esco brand, ZELENYE LINII production.

Natural colors, in SOYUZSNAB portfolio are mainly represented by β-carotenes of DSM Company (Switzerland) production. Carotenoids are widely used for food coloring in yellow and yellow-orange. Among the undoubted advantages of natural colors are their A-vitamin activity. Natural colors usually include sugar or caramel color (E150). They not only color the confection, but usually give them a nice caramel aftertaste.

Synthetic colors of Indian origin in SOYUZSNAB portfolio have significant technological advantages over natural col-ors. They are less sensitive to the conditions of processing and storage and provide vivid, easily reproducible color. Their prime-cost is much lower than the cost of natural colors. Without synthetic colors the variety and volumes of products would be significantly limited.

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