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Starter Cultures

Zelenye Linii microbiology professionals have designed the starter cultures for direct inoculation as a series AiBi to produce various milk products. The freeze-dried starter cultures for direct inoculation AiBi are the composi-tion of groups of microorganisms, causing homo-fermentative and hetero-fermentative lactic acid fermentation.

Depending on the type of microorganism included into the freeze-dried starter cultures for direct inoculation AiBi you can obtain the acid dairy products with different flavour profile. The latest advances in the field of microbiology and biotechnology were ap-plied to the development of freeze-dried starter cultures for direct inoculation AiBi. The large collection of pure, industrial strains allowed to create the basic and the phage alternative ranges of freeze-dried starter cultures for direct inocula-tion AiBi to be used in industrial production of fermented milk products that deliver product with constant sensorial, physical and chemical properties, without changing the process parameters.

The compositions of cultures are designed in such a way that flavour and taste develop in the ready product during its ripening and don’t change almost at all during the storage. This allows manufacturers to produce milk drinks with an extended shelf life . In its microbiological centre the company is constantly working on breeding new microorganisms, developing new starter cultures. The Zelenye Linii company in its scientific and industrial microbiological la-boratory holds the selection of lactic acid microorganism strains studying their properties (O2 consumption , energy of acid-and flavour formation, sensitivity to bacteriophages, duration of the generation), selection of bacteria to be used in starters. When selecting industrial strains the principle of adaptability is strictly observed, if after numerous cycles of cultivation the strain changes its properties, it is then recognized as low-tech and not used in culture composi-tion.

For each type of starter the specific properties of the finished product are taken into account, as well as the production temperatures, characteristics of clot formation, symbiosis and proteolytic activity of microorganisms, the rate of adaptation to the nutritious medium, the storage conditions of the fin-ished product. All industrial strains in the collection of micro-organisms are the property of the Zelenye Linii, have been deposited in the Russian National Collection of Industrial Microorganisms, each of them has its own passport and a serial num-ber.

A collection of strains is constantly updated, the search for more active productive strains of microorganisms is being held. The base of experimental and laboratory equipment and a big bank of process adaptable strains allows to develop new types of dry starter cultures with well-defined properties expanding the range of dry starters.

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