SOYUZSNAB, Group of Companies

FOOD INGREDIENTS: Research • Development • Manufacturing • Supply

The Project «Customer Service»

The project «Customer Service» is aimed at the directors and leading specialists of the companies manufacturing food products to demonstrate the product portfolio of the GC «Soyuzsnab», innovations in the food industry, and to introduce manufacturing and research capacities of the company.

The project structure includes a series of seminars naturally combining the chastity of business style with free and easy communication and active professional program with an interesting leisure.

The business part of the seminar consists of four modules:

  • «Effective Solutions» - a demonstration of the basic range of goods of the company;
  • «Fair of Ideas» - a demonstration of the latest developments in the field of the food products manufacturing;
  • «Opportunities Around You» - service offers of the company, including unique opportunities in research and development of customized food ingredients and formulations of the final products;
  •  «Individual Counseling» - advice of the leading specialists of the GC «Soyuzsnab» on final product manufacturing and peculiarities of input products usage.

At the end of the seminar each participant gets a special set of information materials and product samples:

  • presentations of the seminar;
  • formulations and samples of the output products;
  • product samples offered at the tasting.

The project «Customer Service» is a powerful information and technology resource contributing to the well-being of the customers of the GC»Soyuzsnab» and improving competitive abilities of their products.

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