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Agro-industrial Program of the Scientific Production Association (SPA) «Zelenye Linii»

SPA «Zelenye Linii» is carrying out an agro-industrial program on growing and processing of agricultural products in the Kaluga Region and in Fergana. The program is being developed in three directions — field-cropping, gardening and livestock farming.


The farming area is 10 000 ha.

The main crops in the crop rotation systems are canola, triticale, wheat, corn, barley, potatoes, soybeans and perennial grasses.

The park of agricultural vehicles consists of cultivating tractors New Holland, wheel and crawler tractors of Minsk Tractor Plant, reaper-threshers New Holland and John Deere with rape tables, spinner plows, disk harrows and cultivators as well as seeding complexes and specialized transport vehicles.

Agricultural products are stored at the own grain reception center equipped with the devices for reception, drying, cleaning and storing grain and at the two vegetable stores.


  • The Kaluga Region

A commercial apple garden in the Kaluga Region occupies 405 ha. In 2009-2015 285 ha of new intensive-type gardens were laid out having planting density up to 1,550 trees per hectare. Modern gardening technologies of planting dwarf and semidwarf trees and drop irrigation are used. 324 bee families are kept to effectively pollinate the garden.

A fruit tree nursery with production capacity of 300,000 grafts is laid out in the area of 40 ha and certified. The technology of growing grafts is based on the modern technique of cloning parent layers.

There is a laboratory on clonal micro-propagation of plants, where each plant is nursed out of a single cell. The laboratory and plant nursery complex allow to get up to 300,000 virus-free grafts per year.

Specialized vehicles to work in the nursery were purchased including three-wheeled multifunctional tractors DAMCON HWD-355 produced on the special order by the Dutch company Damcon BV.

When the nursery reaches its designed capacity, the company will get an opportunity to lay out up to 600 ha of new gardens per year

  • Fergana (Uzbekisnan)

A commercial almond garden in Fergana occupies 40 ha. 80 ha are allocated to grow vegetables and greengrocery for drying.


The main dairy and meat line of the livestock breeding complex for 300 cattle of dairy direction. Productivity of the complex - more than 8 tons of milk per year per cow.

Commissioned second livestock complex "Mirny" 1 000 heads of cattle. This is a modern complex that meets all technological parameters. The cows are milked by the automated milking installation "Parallel". Calves kept in individual boxes which ensures healthy growth and feeding since the first days of life, guarantees an individual approach to each calf. The milk of our own production are processed into high quality cheeses.


A complex of enterprises for high-level agricultural raw materials processing is being constructed in the Kirov area of the Kaluga Region. The first facilities to be launched are a fruit and vegetable processing plant and a food fiber plant.


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