SOYUZSNAB, Group of Companies

FOOD INGREDIENTS: Research • Development • Manufacturing • Supply

Quality of Products

The fundamental principle of the group of companies in the raw materials and ingredients purchase policy is quality control at every stage of goods transportation — from the supplier to the customer.

Taking into account the increased demands to the quality and safety of food products on the part of the consumers, in recent years the SPA «Zelenye Linii» has been paying more attention to improving functional characteristics of the manufactured products and their competitive performance.

The compliance of the output products with the safety indices indicated in the regulations is provided by the monitoring of technological processes parameters, the system of highly-informative means of quality and safety control of the incoming raw materials and the output products.

The representative offices in India and China perform raw materials quality control when shipping and auditing of the suppliers.

The production laboratory, accredited in the ROSTEST system (Moscow) and having the most modern equipment and highly-qualified staff, controls quality of the incoming raw materials at the central stockhouse of the GC «Soyuzsnab» in Krasnogorsk. Internal methods and regulations of incoming raw materials quality control developed in this laboratory are implemented in the key regional stockhouses of the GC «Soyuzsnab».


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