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FOOD INGREDIENTS: Research • Development • Manufacturing • Supply

Manufacturing of the Food Ingredients

The SPA «Zelenye Linii» is manufacturing a wide range of food ingredients for all branches of food industry.


Coatings Classic
(confectionery coatings, chocolate coatings, coatings for ice-cream and dairy products, lauric and non-lauric coatings)

Fat fillings Classic
Condensed milk Classic  
Flavorings Del'Ar
(liquid, powder, juice, natural, nature-identical, synthetic, incapsulated)

Flavor additives and mixes Del'Ar
Complex flavor additives Del'Ar
Decoration mixes Del'Ar 
Marmalade balls

Complex food additives. Multifunctional systems Geleon
(stabilizers, structure-forming agents, functional mixes, milk protein concentrate, gelling agents, compounds)

Starter cultures for direct application AiBi

Protective cultures AiBi
(for meat and dairy industries)
Probiotic cultures AiBi
Flour correctors DenFai 

Dough conditioners DenFai
Emulsifiers for whipping DenFai
Batters and coatings DenFai 
Liquid vegetable cream Del'Ar cream
for beating

Soft creamy cheeses, and cheese fillers DenCheese

Food colorants ESCO

Complex sweeteners Sladin 

Dry mixtures Summer Waltz
(for ice-cream, cream, fillings and souffle)

Fillings Denfruit
(fruit-and-berry, vegetable)

Glazing agents Denglazirit 

Молочные продукты Denmilk

Cream fillers Dencream
Dried fruit, vegetables and greens  


We are responsible for the output products of our customers and realize that the adders manufactured by the SPA «Zelenye Linii» often determine marketing policy of the manufacturers.

That is why we are always at hand, ready to improve a product according to the demands of the certain customer and supply goods of the same high quality and in the required scope.

To reach these goals the SPA «Zelenye Linii» is fit with a wide range of high-end modern equipment that allows to solve the tasks of manufacturing food ingredients of any complexity:

Getting a wide range of goods according to preset parameters.

Manufacturing of any kind of goods according to the wishes of the customer in a very short time due to the full range of technical capabilities.

Providing accurate instrumental analysis of the quality of all output products. The possibility to determine and regulate almost all parameters responsible for organoleptic and functional properties of ingredients.

The possibility to manufacture a test output of every kind of goods we manufacture ingredients for at our pilot production departments.

Carrying out the unique research in the field of food ingredients manufacturing.

In particular, there is an opportunity to develop complex flavors impossible to «decipher» and replicate with the help of the unique flavor synthesizing machine patented by the SPA «Zelenye Linii».

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