SOYUZSNAB, Group of Companies

FOOD INGREDIENTS: Research • Development • Manufacturing • Supply

Regional Policy

Regional development is of great importance to the group of companies «Soyuzsnab».

Some of the main tasks are to increase the supply effectiveness, to make our services faster and to provide full service in the regions. The solution of this task depends mostly on the smooth functioning of the stockhouses in the regional branches.

Branch network

The branch network of the group of companies «Soyuzsnab» is a single mechanism of goods delivery from the stockhouse to the door of our customer.

All branches possess fully functional infrastructure: offices and stockhouses, connection to the uniform information system of the group of companies that allows to process the orders of the customers quickly and qualitatively.

The employees in the branches — managers, technologists, logistics specialists — are constantly studying both in the training center of the Central office and on the job.

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