Build your career in SOYUZSNAB

Workforce Policy

The executive management in «Soyuzsnab» is sure that highly-qualified personnel is one of the most important criteria of the successful work and development of the company. That is why the staff is seen as Human Capital, as a valuable resource and important assets.

Today the group of companies "Soyuzsnab" has formed a team of employees, in which the knowledge and experience of professionals who have worked in a particular sector of the market for many years is combined with the energy and hard-driving ambitions of the young employees, which makes up the fusion of innovative and creative ideas and guarantees adequate solutions.

According to the basic activity principle, the work in the team is based on mutual respect and openness that promotes full realization of the creative potential of every employee.

Special attention is paid to providing favorable social processes. A progressive system of motivation connecting the contribution of each employee with the economic activity of the company was introduced.

An outstanding feature of the workforce policy is its focus primarily on the "growth from within" due to the talent pool. In this regard, advanced evaluation, development and training technologies are implemented. The technologies used in the Corporate University allow to organize both full-time and distance learning of the staff.

The distance learning programs and distance counseling provide an opportunity to learn the key algorithms of ingredients promotion: from the characteristics of sales techniques to the subtleties of raw materials application in manufacturing.

Improving the knowledge and skills occurs regularly due to seminars and trainings carried out by the leading specialists of the company, professors of the sectoral research institutes and specialists in various branches of industry.

The corporate newspaper "Vestnik", which has been published in the company since 2001, is a reliable source of information about the events of both strategic and situational character: new stage in the development of the company, the development of promising areas, the enlargement of the range of goods, interesting meetings, important events in the personal lives of the employees.

«Soyuzsnab» is a single close-knit team of the associates.


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